HT° prototype under development

Run on e-line, the BHS system is the safest patented single-phase downhole fluid sampling tool available in the market. The oil filled pressure compensation system keeps the system under state of the art PVT considerations from reservoir to surface, thanks to the combination of dedicated piston and regulator that ensure together a controlled sampling rate.
New developments were validated up to 225°C (440°F) in High Temperature Geothermal wells. The 2-1/2” OD sampling system was built for extremely harsh environment, including CO2 and H2S resistance.
The BHS instrument is the only downhole sampling system that allows the lab to analyze the sample in the exact fluid reservoir composition and conditions.

125°C Real Time125°C Memory225°C Real Time
imperialmetric imperialmetric imperialmetric
Max. OD 11/16"43 m 11/16"43 m 2-1/2"63.5 m
Length 17.8 ft5.4 m 9.5 ft2.9 m 6 ft1.85 m
Weight 57 lbs26 kg 17 lbs7.5 kg 59.5 lbs27 kg
Temperature 250 °F125 °C 250 °F125 °C 440 °F225 °C
Pressure 8 700 psi600 bar 5 800 psi400 bar 10 000 psi700 bar
Chamber volume 36.6 cu.in600 cm3 36.6 cu.in600 cm3 36.6 cu.in600 cm3

Material :
High grade stainless steel in standard version, H2S/CO2 resistant steel for HT° Sampling applications.

Sensors :
  Depth correlation    : Gamma-ray & DSCL (dual string collar locator)
  Pressure                    : 0 to 10 000 psi
  Temperature            : 0 to 125 °C

Other :
Additional chambers when bacteriological (200 cm3 , 600 cm3) or physico-chemical sampling (1.4 l, 2 l, 10 l)

  • Deep Geothermal Wells
  • CO2 Storage Observation Wells
  • Liquid Hydrocarbon & Gas Storage Cavern
  • Exploration & Production Well Testing
  • Wells & Cavern Integrity Management
  • Bacteriological, Physico-Chemical and PVT Sampling
  • Reliable and Safe
  • Fast Preparation & Easy Maintenance
  • No Transfer on Surface
  • Unique Gas-Cap System
  • Stackable Independent Chambers
  • Reservoir conditions preserved up to the laboratory
  • Real Time or Memory Activation
  • Declined to Harsh Environment (225°C, H2S, CO2)