FLODIM offers a wide range of cavern logging services, dealing with all aspects of cavern development and sustainability, even under extreme conditions and whatever the fluid : air, water, brine, natural gas, liquid hydrocarbons & hydrogen.
Combining the FLODIM “cavity suite of instruments” allows to significantly reduce both cavern development cost and work-over necessary time.

“Cavity Suite” of services

Acquisition of thousands of points in caverns to compute 3D models and issue sections & main characteristics.

Multiple sensors logging tool to assess casing integrity, cavern access, depth correlation, deviation survey…

Pipe cutting in conductive fluids with no harm to the casing, without workover rig.

Safe, precise & depth correlated fluids blanket measurement

Cavern neck survey, M.I.T., Casing corrosion evaluation, Long duration Pressure & Temperature tests.

3D underground cavern dimensionning tool assisted by video

Cavern sonar surveys and logging services are up to the best existing standards, with constant focus on technology integration, data validation and quality.