The Pulsed Neutron Tool is a dedicated instrument used to determine the brine – hydrocarbon interface in storage cavities, to control the blanket level in solution mined caverns and to run Mechanical Integrity Tests. The instrument incorporates a Neutron generator which is electrically activated in the cavity and a fast/efficient Gamma-Ray detector. As brine has a much higher neutron capture capability than hydrocarbons, the interface is easily detected when crossed while pulling out the logging string.
The instrument also includes a Dual String Collar Locator in order to accurately correlate depth at cemented casing shoe even behind two strings and a Temperature sensor to identify any abnormal behavior while running in.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Max. OD1-13/16"46 mm
Length148"3.759 m
Wheight39.7 lbs18 kg
Max. temperature176 °F80 °C
Max. pressure4 350 psi300 bar
Logging Parameters
Cable compatibilitymono or multi-conductor
Logging speed5 m/min
Tool zeroTemperature sensor
  • Blanket level in solution mined caverns
  • Interface determination in storage cavities
  • Mechanical Integrity test
  • High quality P&T sensors
  • Well integrity evaluation
  • Precise Depth correlation to cemented casing shoe