Since 2012 and the early stage of new efforts decided by our authorities towards EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) and Volcanic Energy, FLODIM has been involved in new instruments design, manufacturing and testing in order to challenge the deep Geothermal well current temperature limits.
Geothermal energy is the thermal energy generated and stored in earth. Cost-effective when resource is proved, sustainable and environmentally friendly, the Geothermal power can be used both for electricity generation and for direct use. However, drilling risk and underground uncertainties are sometimes a concern to wider development.

Amongst the main in-house Research and Development subjects undertaken by FLODIM, the downhole video Cameras, the Bottom Hole Sampling system and a new logging approach up to the limit of high Temperature logging cables.
FLODIM is also involved in collaborative projects within the European GEOENERGY cluster, having special links with POLE AVENIA (F) and CAPES (H) and within the Norwegian CRYOFLASK project to develop very high T° Production Logging Tools with embarked frigories.

Run on standard cable, with thermal shield, heat transfer optimization, fast communication and image compression methods, our downhole video cameras will serve in the most severe well conditions.

Multi-sensor measuring instrument (conductivity, Redox potential, pH, dissolved O2, P,T,GR) to assess the chemical environment and to evaluate potential corrosive fluids.

Based on a unique FLODIM patent, the sampling chamber becomes a transport container and later a PVT cell.