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We develop and deploy well and cavity logging services.

We develop and deploy unique and innovative solutions aiming at answering specific field needs, such as an electrical casing cutter, allowing our clients to have both safer and time-saving operations. We also deploy these solutions on the field, mainly on wireline.

providing innovative & personalized solutions since 1994

CAVITY & solution mining
Deep Geothermal Energy
Hydrogeology & Mining

Energy, Agriculture, Food, Chemicals. What do all these domains have in common?

They all need to explore underground mineral ressources. Solution Mining has proven to have both environmental and economical advantages to explore deep mineral reservoirs. The resulting cavities are sometimes also used as Gas, Hydrocarbons or even waste underground storages. Whether it is during production or storage, cavities need to be actively monitored.

Flodim is the only cavity services provider that offers a full suite of complementary solutions. We can perform all the necessary measurements to assess the well and cavity's shape, position and development progress over time.

CAVITY & solution mining available TOOLs

In the last decade, the Oil&Gas services business has exponentially increased its performances, allowing tools to go deeper, hotter and in increasing extreme conditions. Because you don't need to pay for a 250ºC (500ºF) tool in a 100ºC (210ºF) well, Flodim offers smart-cost solutions adapted to your needs in most phases of the well: from drilling to decommissioning.
Our capability to develop, test and operate proprietary high-end tools and technology, allows us total flexibility to adapt our offer to our customer´s needs. Our operations team is ready 24/7 to mobilize on short notice to the more remote areas (road-units or heliported equipment).
For us, there is no "small-client", you all deserve the same personalized care.
well logging
electrical pipe cutting
well testing
Flodim has both award-winning proprietary and partners' wireline tools aiming to offer a full range of solutions adapted to your operational needs.
From Open-Hole to cased hole or production logging, Flodim aims at providing smart-cost wireline logging adapted to onshore producing and injecting wells, bringing worldwide innovations to your wells. Tools marked with HP HT icon are suitable for Extreme Conditions.
Safe, Light, Cost-Effective and fully reliable: You heard right! No need to handle explosives or dangerous products any more. Flodim has developed a world class innovative wireline electrical steel pipe cutting tool that is meant to revolutionize the workovers.
Its only requirement, conductive fluid in the well. This new technique allows to cut a wide range of pipe sizes with one single wireline tool, and one same drift. Specific difficult configurations such as pipes under compression or with multiple completions in the well are now possible to cut with the EZ Cutter, that succeed where traditional techniques failed. The cut is the sharpest available in the market, allowing huge time-savings in pipe recovery operations. One tool serves all pipe sizes.
Flodim's Well testing operations help you confirm your well performance and optimize your productivity. We obtain precise downhole data with state of the art flexible combination of sensors giving you all the information you need to characterize your reservoir and enhance your production. The combination of our expertise in well logging and downhole formation testing allows us to go "the extra mile" at your service.
Whether you need pressure, temperature, flow measurements or donwhole samples, we have it all! We specialize in downhole well testing and mainly focus on the Brazilian onshore market.
Geothermy is one of the most reliable renewable source of energy. Extracting the Earth's internal heat through a wide range of techniques requires drilling and hence logging wells in extreme conditions. Indeed, rock and water heated in the upper crust can reach temperatures up to 370°C (700°F). We use our expertise to upgrade our tools to a higher level: our R&D team is commited to provide especially designed smart-cost HT HP tools to our field teams for such kind of operations.
Flodim continuously challenges the limits of technology to provide you with the most accurate data that will enable you to make the right decisions, whatever the conditions.
Flodim is proud to be the only small-sized company to acknowledge and invest in developing specific tools adapted to geothermal environment. We are ready to log extreme geothermal wells with a cost-effective proposal seeking win-win cooperation with our customers.
Mineral and hydrogeology borehole logging allows you to save time and money by providing a complete and objective database of encountered layers and fluid properties downhole.
Flodim provides a wide range of services using highly specialized and innovative tools that will allow you precisely quantify your ressources regardless of the harsh field conditions. Our operations team is ready 24/7 to mobilize on short notice to the more remote areas (road-units or heliported equipment).
Flodim is a Century Geophysical Corporation's Global Partner for Brazil, and combines both Flodim well logging & solution mining expertise with Century's conventional mineral logging know-how.

We invent, we develop, we test, we operate

A 24/7 operational team, always ready to go, no matter how harsh the field conditions are.
Our unique hybrid structure allows unprecedented flexibility to provide adapted solutions to your operational needs.
We are a human-sized company, small enough to care.

Where innovation meets operational needs

With over 20 years of experience in providing innovative, patented, and award-winning solutions adapted to our clients’ needs, Flodim remains faithful to its principles, prioritizing safety and quality throughout all steps of the value chain.

Operations, R&D and customer's data safety, our number one concern. We are committed to safety in all steps of the value chain, from the selection of the technologies, their deployment on the field until the data delivery. If we already worked for you, your data is safe and accessible 24/7. We keep all our customer's historical data in secured servers and accessible on an online platform.
In direct relation with our R&D and operations team, our in-house manufacturing specialists turn drawings into prototypes, and then into reliable operational tools. They enhance and adapt them to field needs and conditions, increasing their usability and durability.
3field testing
From the lab to the field, following our internal quality program, all Flodim tools and projects are tested intensely in a wide range of extreme field conditions. Both at Flodim well facilities and on our partners’ fields, the tools undergo final adjustments and revisions before commercialization, increasing their reliability and success rate.
4training program
Upon arrival and throughout their career, all our staff worldwide take part in a specialized in-house training program combining theory, basics, and field activities. Two wells, pressure equipment and a cavity-like pool are devoted to training, which certify Flodim’s commitment to quality and safety amongst its operations.
5field operations
The whole value chain is devoted to achieve EXCELLENCE in Field Operations. From the Mont Blanc glacier to the deepest salt formations, through the Moroccan desert or under the Brazilian sun, our highly trained, flexible and reactive operations team hold many records of Depth, Temperature and Pressure.
6post processing
An accurate interpretation and post-processing of the acquired data is required after most logging and surveying jobs. Regularly updated proprietary interpretation and modelling software allows an immediate feedback and user-friendly visualization in the field.


Born from combined experiences in O&G and Cavity Engineering, Flodim was founded in Manosque, France, in 1994.

During its first 15 years, Flodim fought for survival until 2009 when unprecedented successful operations marked the beginning of the new Flodim. Since then, the company has considerably expanded geographically and diversified its services. In good and bad times, Flodim has always remained faithful to its principles, with innovation as its main driver.

Today, with over 20 years of experience as a developper and provider of awarded technological solutions in cavity dimensioning and extreme well logging, Flodim keeps the flexibility and adaptability of a small-sized company, providing the attention and excellence required by our customers.

Our young and passionate team is lead by experienced professionals spread around the globe with significant international experience in the sector.

We find solutions that nobody else does

Flodim continuously challenges the limits of technology to provide technological integrated solutions unprecedented in the market.

Got a challenge? Let us know…

WE ARE WHERever you need us

We are continuously looking for motivated and talented professionals.


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