HT° Prototype under development

Applications of downhole cameras include quality assurance inspection, gas entry, water entry, fishing operations, casing and perforation inspection, and general problem identification. E-line cameras allow you to literally ‘see’ borehole conditions.The FLODIM  Medium and High temperature instruments are issued from a combination of Research & Development programs involving thermal shields, heat transmission rate and image compressing methods.The high pressure in-house downhole video cameras have been developed making it possible to record real time color video from standard production logging cables up to  6 000 meters. Thanks to the very high transmission rate and with an optimized compression mode, the color pictures and videos are of exceptional quality.

  Axial/Lateral 130°C Axial 225°C
Status Released Coming Soon
Tool diameter 73 mm 45 mm
Length 2581 mm 2500 mm
Weight 41 kg 37 kg
Max. temperature  130 °C (3 hours) 225 °C (3 hours)
soon 250°C
Max. pressure 500 bar 700 bar
  Axial/Lateral 130°C Axial 225°C
Axial lighting 8 LEDs 6 LEDs
Lateral lighting 4 LEDs No
Down view Yes Yes
Side view Yes (with rotation) No
External temp. sensor No No
Internal temp. sensor Yes Yes
Cable compatibility 4 or 7 cond.
7/32" 4500m
1/4" 6000m
Mono cond
7/32" 4000 m
1/4" 6000 m
  • General borehole inspection
  • Fishing operation
  • Identification of leakage/entry or stuck materials
  • Real time view in HT environments
  • Inspection with HD color quality