The 2-7/8” EXPLORER G2 is a fully instrumented logging tool that incorporates dedicated sensors to control the Well Integrity and to prevent subsequent logging or sonar survey operations from dangerous underground conditions. It allows precise Depth Correlation, both in Open Hole (natural Gamma-Ray) and in Cased Hole (DSCL) configurations.
The EXPLORER G2 is the bodyguard of our “Cavity suite”. With similar shape and size as the 2-7/8″ SONAR or EZ CUTTER probes, running the EXPLORER G2 prior to the sonar survey or to cut is highly recommended. It can detect in real time any pipe abnormalities, thus avoids damage to the sensible lower part of the subsequently run probes and prevents loss of high cost instruments.

  • Dual String Collar Locator (DSCL)
  • Gamma-Ray (G.R.)
  • High precision inclinometer
  • Optical fiber Gyroscope
  • North seeking Gyroscope (external)
  • Pressure (Openfield)
  • Temperature (Openfield)
  • Sound velocity
Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
OD2-7/8"73 mm
Length110"2.64 m
Weight84 lbs28 kg
Max. Temperature221 °F105 °C
Max. Pressure5 000 psi350 bar
Max. Pressure HP tool 10 000 psi700 bar
  • Brine production cavities
  • Liquid hydrocarbons storage caverns
  • Gas storage caverns
  • Old mines and quarries
  • Underground risk evaluation
  • Mechanical Integrity test
  • Bodyguard to the cavity suite of instruments
  • Well Integrity evaluation
  • Precise Depth correlation to cemented casing shoe
  • No lost-in-hole cost if EXPLORER is run first
  • Smart-cost instrument
  • Deviation instrument
  • Production logging instrument