The latest cavern sonar instruments incorporate additional and upgraded sensors to bring our technology up to the highest standards with capability to run accurate deviation, depth correlation to the cemented casing, P/T versus depth or time, and then to survey the cavern through horizontal and tilted sections, until a mesh of points is built with our engagement to have no unexplored area left.
Whatever the fluid (water, brine, liquid hydrocarbons or gas), whatever the casing conditions (no pipe, one pipe or two pipes), echoes are displayed during the cavern sonar survey with distinctive colors according to their intensity. Thanks to the in-house DimCav processing software, a model of the cavern is computed to determine its shape and characteristics, promptly displayed after the sonar survey in a precise and clear report. The same DimCav software offers various capabilities like superposition of plots, distances to neighboring caverns or to salt limits, and cavern field management.

OD2 ... 2-7/8"52 ... 73 mm
Length11.2 ... 10.6 ft3.43 - 3.22 m
Weight62 ... 92 lbs28 ... 42 kg
Max. Temperature250 °F120 °C
Max. Pressure5 000 psi350 bar
Max. Pressure HP sonar tool (82mm)10 000 psi700 bar
  • Brine production caverns
  • Liquid hydrocarbons storage caverns
  • Gas storage caverns
  • Old mines and quarries
  • Mechanical Integrity Tests
  • Deviation Survey
Cable compatibilityMono or multi-conductor
CentralizersIncorporated centralizer (2" instrument) or Blade centralizers (2-7/8" instruments) when surveying through casing(s)
Rotating system0-360° with adjustable steps (2, 3, 5° or more)
Tilt system0-90°, fully adjustable
OrientationElectronic Compass & Fiber-Optic Gyroscope
StabilizationGyro Stabilizer
Velocity sensorRange 700-2000 m/s

DimCav, the powerful and comprehensive in-house software enhances the full potential of FLODIM cavern instruments and provides our clients the answers they need right after the sonar survey.

Measuring range

Brine caverns :
0.15-250 m

  H.P. Gas caverns            Min. Working Pressure : 45 bar
> 100m

L.P. Gas /
Hydrocarbon caverns :
> 80m