In addition to FLODIM’s cavity suite of instruments, we also offer the following key logging services for both cavern development and well management. From the well trajectometry to cavern neck inspection or well testing, we help you to ensure casing or cavern chimney integrity, well access and to provide you with the necessary assistance to detect any abnormal evolution .

GYRO – Trajectometry Instrument

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
OD2-7/8"73 mm
Length110"2.64 m
Weight84 lbs28 kg
Max. Temperature221 °F105 °C
Max. Pressure5 000 psi350 bar
Max. Pressure HP tool 10 000 psi700 bar
Borehole ConditionsOpen & Cased holes
Inclination3 ax. accelerometer
Measuring angle: 0 - 85°
Accuracy: +/- 1°
Resolution: 0.1°
AzimuthFiber-optic Gyroscope
Measuring range: 0 - 360°
Accuracy: +/- 1°
Resolution: 0.1°
Drift: +/-1°/h
Depth settingDSCL --- Coil
Range: 2 strings of casing, shoe of 3rd casing
Resolution: 11.8" / 300 mm

Natural Gamma Ray --- 1" x 4" NaI(Ti) scintillation cristal
Range: 0 - 10 000 cps
Accuracy: +/- 3% of measured values

XY Caliper

The XY-CALIPER tool is a motorized instrument. It links two opposite arms together forming a dual-caliper measurement, called XY Caliper. The two caliper signals are generated by using high resolution and high precision sensors. The nominal casing diameter range covered is between 10 and 150 cm.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Tool diameter3-1/3"85 mm
Length88"2.23 m
Hole diameter range4" - 88"100 - 2230 mm
Wheight66 lbs30 kg
Max. temperature158 °F70 °C
Max. pressure4 500 psi300 bar
Resolution0.5% FS
Cable compatibilitymono, multi-conductor, coax
  • Cavity chimney profile
  • Well diameter evaluation (open hole)
  • Large casing internal diameter evaluation & deformation (cased hole)
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results
  • Very large diameter

Pressure & Temperature

The pressure and temperature tool is commonly used in the oilfield, geothermal or mining wells alike. It records the temperature and pressure gradients in a well. The temperature log is interpreted by looking for anomalies or departures from the reference gradient. This reference may be the geothermal gradient, a log recorded before production started or a log recorded with the well shut-in. Most of these anomalies are related to the entry of fluid in the well or fluid exit into the formation. Since temperature is also affected by all surrounding material, including the material outside the casing, a temperature log is sensitive both to the borehole, the formation and the casing-formation annulus. Since temperature takes time to dissipate, temperature usually gives information about the behaviour of the well over a longer period of time than other measurements.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Max. OD1-13/16"46 mm
Length99"2.515 m
Wheight28 lbs13 kg
Max. temperature185 °F85 °C
Max. pressure4 350 psi300 bar
Measuring parametersImperialMetric
Pressure Range0 - 10 000 psi0 - 700 bar
Temperature range0 - 185 °F0 - 85 °C mm
DSCLRange: 2 strings of casing, cemented shoe of 3rd casing
Natural Gamma rayRange: 0 - 3000 gAPI
  • Geothermal wells
  • Well Testing
  • Production logging
  • Identification of producing and injection zones
  • Cement/Hydraulic fracture treatment evaluation
  • Location of lost circulation zones
  • Detection of Fluid movement, Leakage, channelling
  • Structural / stratigraphic faults detection
  • Geochemical modelling of formations
  • Maturity of hydrocarbons
  • Well integrity verification
  • Real-time, fast results
  • Continuous or instantaneous logging
  • Fluid movement identification
  • Leakage/channelling identification
  • Smart-cost logging

Acoustic Borehole Imager

The Acoustic borehole Imager records a 360º unwrapped 3D image of the borehole wall by transmitting ultrasound pulses from a rotating sensor and recording the amplitude and travel time of the signals reflected at the interface between mud and formation (borehole wall). The tool can work both in open and cased holes, giving crucial information in both cases.
In cased hole, the tool along with sophisticated algorithms and real time processes are also implemented to extend the possible tool applications to casing thickness measurement, corrosion evaluation and measurement behind a PVC casing.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Max. OD1-11/16"43 mm
Length79"2.00 m
Wheight22 lbs10 kg
Max. temperature257 °F125 °C
Max. pressure10 000 psi700 bar
Measuring ParametersImperialMetric
Open hole diameter3" - 21"76 -533 mm
Cased hole diameter5 1/2" - 15"147 - 381 mm
Casing min. thickness0.2"5 mm
  • Inside & outside diameter
  • Detection of internal damage or deformation
  • Casing thickness
  • Metal loss indicators
  • Corrosion detection
  • Casing inspection
  • Perforation position & aperture
  • Breakout analysis (Fracture detection and evaluation, thin beds & bedding dip determination)
  • Mechanical stress analysis
  • Rock Quality Designation
  • Core sampling orientation
  • High resolution caliper
  • High resolution caliper measurement

Cement Bond Log

The Cement Bond Log instrument acquires an omnidirectional, high-resolution full-wave acoustic data in cased and open holes. It accurately infers directly the cement quality from the degree of acoustic coupling of the cement to the casing and to the formation.
It operates on the principle that acoustic amplitude (in millivolts) is rapidly attenuated in good cement bond but not in partial bond or free pipe.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Max. OD2.5"63.5 mm
Length16.5 ft5.02 m
Wheight90 lbs41 kg
Max. temperature302 °F150 °C
Max. pressure12 000 psi850 bar
Measuring ParametersImperialMetric
Casing O.D. range4" - 16"100 - 400 mm
Logging speed1000 - 1600 ft/h5 - 8 m/mn
  • Location of cement top
  • Evaluation of cement quality
  • Well integrity verification after high pressure test on casing
  • Determination of hydraulically isolated zones
  • Potential leakage source detection
  • Verification of the cimentation quality
  • Surface leakage prevention
  • Hydraulic isolation of production zones from aquifers

Multi-finger Caliper

Adapted to the highest industry standards, the Multifinger Caliper is a mechanical downhole well logging tool. Its main function is to detect deformation, bending, fractures, perforation and inside corrosion of the casing with 40 measuring caliper fingers. Measuring fingers and centralizing fingers are opened and closed by a motor, ensuring the tool centralization during the acquisition. Loaded with springs, measuring fingers move along the inner casing wall and maintain close contact with the wall.

Technical SpecificationsImperialMetric
Max. OD2.875"73 mm
Length151.6"3.85 m
Wheight108 lbs49 kg
Max. temperature350 °F175 °C
Max. pressure15 000 psi1000 bar
Measuring ParametersImperialMetric
Measuring range3.125" - 13.375"80 - 340 mm
Accuracy+/- 0.02"+/- 0.5 mm
Logging speed600 - 3900 ft/h3 - 20 m/min
  • Deep geothermal wells
  • Cased hole monitoring
  • Leakage position identification
  • Casing corrosion
  • Casing deformation
  • Casing bending
  • Fractures identification
  • High resolution shape output
  • High Temperature and pressure rating
  • Adapted to highest industry standards
  • Smart-cost logging