Run on e-line, the EZ CUTTER instrument is the latest technologically advanced casing cutter that enables clean and perfectly controlled cuts without using explosives, chemicals or other expensive Work-Over alternatives. Simplifying transportation, logistics and safety issues, EZ CUTTER can now be deployed on any logging unit. Its only significant requirement is conductive fluid in the well, like brine or sea water.
Changing the position of leaching strings when developing salt caverns or re-accessing underground works with bent/collapsed pipes are often delicate and costly combined operations. The availability of a small size instrument able to cut both inner and outer pipes already proved to be of great interest in many configurations.

OD2-7/8"73 mm
Length14.9 - 15.6 ft4.54 - 4.76 m
Max. Temperature195 °F90 °C
Max. Pressure5 000 psi350 bar
SensorsDual String Collar Locator, Accelerometer, Inclinometer
Range4-1/2" to 11-3/4"115 to 300 mm
Fluid in wellConductive (at least sea water)
Tool at depthCentered and anchored
  • Changing leaching string with no work-over rig assistance
  • Light work-over operations
  • Plugging and abandonment
  • Combination Work-over / Cavity Survey
  • Standard casing cut
  • No incidence on HSE
  • Allows subsequent wireline operations
  • Cuts inner casing without altering outer casing
  • Can be lowered in a small tube to cut a bigger one
  • Accommodates deformed or ovoid pipes
  • Accommodates pipes in compression
  • Large range of diameters from a single instrument
  • Large range of casing chemical composition

Coming soon : XS & XL cutters !